​Update 17th December! Clan leasing and more.

Finally the day has arrived! We will list here all the changes that we have done;

Christmas Event 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone! Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year, that's why we will activate some events for this holiday period. This is the perfect time to bring your friends to the server as well!

L2Vanir Advertising Event

Hello there!

We're doing an advertising event, you can obtain loads of Event-Apiga! and you will have a chance of winning a clean FREYA weapon of your choice!

For more information check the forum post.

Happy Birthday L2Vanir!

L2Vanir is turning two!  In order to celebrate this happy occasion you will find special birthday boxes during your normal hunting excursions.  These boxes will drop from Septemper 26th to October 3rd.  

To further celebrate our second birthday you will gain double XP/SP the weekend of Septemper 26th to the 28th.

As an added bonus, any player who logs in on Septemper 27 will recieve a free cloak or a birhtday hat!

Thank you all for sticking with us for the last two years!

Return of the Summer Squash!

Buzz the Cat, faithful employee to Gardener Fordson of Floran is visiting our server again.  After such a successful Spring, Gardener Fordson has reinvested in a new lot of improved magical squash seeds.  He has decided to grow them for the Summer season.  Fortunately for you, they still have more seeds than they know what to do with.  Hunt monsters in any part of the land to gather nectar.  Take this nectar to Buzz the Cat in exchange for squash seeds.

Lineage II Letter Event!

Here at L2Vanir we are always looking for a reason to have some fun!  In honor of the school year ending for those of you still in school or working at one, and in honor of the start of the summer season we are celebrating!

For a limited time you will find letter drops on any monster in the land.  Use these letters to spell the various school related words we have selected to receive random prizes. These prizes can range anywhere from exclusive mounts, raid jewels, armor sets, weapons, vitality items and more!

Double XP/SP and Vitality!

Happy summer vacations to everyone! To welcome the newest players that join the server, and celebrating the end of school classes we will have a few XP events.

From June 21th to the 22th you will be gifted with a double XP/SP weekend.

Update 6th June! Weight limit and more.

Hello, in this update we have done the following changes;

Master of Enchanting Event with bonus XP!

L2Vanir community, Master Yogi is visiting our server again, and he has a great need for an over enchanted staff.  He's willing to reward those who bring them to him with all kinds of interesting items.  For a limited time you will be able to buy a staff and special enchant scrolls from Master Yogi.  Some of these special enchant scrolls can also be found on monsters throughout the land.  

Keep in mind that you can only have one staff at a time, but as many enchant scrolls as you can find. 

​Update 5th May! Olympiads, Elpy events, Zaken and more.

Finally we have the update everyone has been waiting for, in this update we have done the following changes;


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