A dark night approaches us... The mosters under your bed are comming out... Gooseflesh...
You don't know if what you see is reality or still a nightmare you had last night... Creepy...

But don't be afraid! That all means it's HALLOWEEN!

that's why we organize a Event called Trick or Transmutation!

Players must find keys to unlock the mysterious alchemists chests which contain materials needed to craft the 6 different philosopher stones.  The philosopher stones are used to summon rare and valuable rewards including s80 weapons, s80 armor, soul crystals up to stage 15, vitality items, noble stones, mounts, giants codex's, element stones and crystals, and head accessories.

Sir Edward the Alchemist has at long last completed his research on philosophers stone creation.  He keeps the materials needed to create the philosophers stones in the alchemist chests.  He'd love to show you how it's done but the keys were lost during a recent monster attack.  If you can find one of the keys you can use it to open an alchemist chest and keep whatever you find inside.  Wonderful treasures are to be had by he, or she, who creates a philosophers stone!

This event will begin in the night of 27th October and ends 5rd November.
Good luck!

PS. As a Bonus both weekends (28/29.10 - 04/05.11), are going to be doubled! Means double spoil & exp!

Have fun!


karmina's picture

Awesome,cant wait! thx up

kajkarol's picture

Great! Hope for server!!


Trinity.'s picture

superb! Thx

karmina's picture

The Event should start yesterday but it didnt start....
Please check it...and start the event asap!

Trinity.'s picture

When will the event start?

Tressilian's picture

could you please share some info about the status? When could start or info that its not going to start.
Some info would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Ignis can you fix it asap pls?There are many players who even came back to srv for this event...