Vanir Features


Experience (XP)10x
Skill Points (SP)10x
Party XP1.5x
Party SP1.5x
Drop Items10x
Raid Drop Items7x (Epic jewelry lowered
up to 1 jewel for boss)
Manor Drop5x
Quest Drop5x
Quest Adena5x
Quest XP10x
Quest SP10x
Rate MP Herbs10x
Hellbound level11

Quests and instances

All Pailaka instances
Seven Signs Quests
Sel Mahum Training Grounds
Chamber of Delusion
Seed of Destruction
Seed of Infinity
Hellbound fully implemented
Nevit's Hourglass working
Zaken DayTime and NightTime
Freya Easy and Hard
And many more other normal quests


Safe Enchant+3
Safe Enchant Full Body+4
Max Enchant+16
Enchant Scroll Chance66%
Blessed Enchant Scroll Chance66%

General Features

Buff Duration1 hour (Basic buffs)
Max Buffs24 (28 with books)
Max Dances12
Subclass max level80
Private Shop Sell SlotsDwarf 8
Other 4
Private Shop Buy SlotsDwarf 8
Other 4
Server TimeGMT +02:00
UTC +2
Anti-bot/cheat protection
Auto Loot
Class Master
Blacksmith of Mammon
Champion system
Wedding system (opposite and same sex)
Multiple Scheduled Events like TvT and Deathmatch
Unique monthly events
Event Medals forever
Retail Skill Learning
Basic equipment shop up to S
Sweeper Festival Skill (H5)
NPC Scheme Buffer (Basic buffs)
Community including clan notice working
Possiblity to delete level 1 characters without delays
Crystal leveling rate increased (more info)