What are the donations used for?

We will make use of the donations to improve the server performance and maintain it.

L2Vanir is a truly free server and nobody is forced to make a donation, but the server has expenses that have to be paid to maintain the server and improve it.

Thank you.

How to donate?

You need to have a L2Vanir account logged in and click on the "Make a donation" button below. After that you could select fixed amounts that you can donate and pay by PayPal. After the completion of the PayPal transaction you'll get Donation credits and then you will need to go to your account and send the donation credits to the game account you want. After that you will have to login ingame on any character from that account and talk with a NPC called Colin (Donation Manager) in Giran and he will deliver your reward.

What do I get from those donations?

With each donation Colin (Donation Manager) will reward you with Golden Apigas ingame depending on the quantity of donation credits you've sent.

With Golden Apigas you can get items from the NPC called Lina (Donation Shop) she's located close to Colin, in Giran Town.

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