The Valentine Event

Happy Valentie's Day

Help spread the Love! The Goddess Aphrodite has sent her faithful servant, Valentine Messenger - Queen of Hearts, to foster love, loyalty and affection across the world of Aden. But Alas! As love and generosity are abhorred by them, some greedy monsters are bent on thwarting the spread of this infectious and debilitating disease. Without the cakes, she fears that she will fail Aphrodite.

February events: Share the Love and L2Vanir!

February events, the love is coming

February started and with it, a lot of love floating in the air, and some new events!

The first one is Eva's Blessing ; High priest Jack Sage of Eva's Oracle has been dispatched to L2Vanir to improve adventurer's abilities with Blessing of Vitality and Request of Newbies. The world is now facing a great danger, find out more about it talking to Jack Sage in towns, and ask him for the Blessings!

Update 22 Jan, Freya instance, its quests and some more changes.

Freya Ice Queen

This time the main update is Freya Ice Queen instance, we know some people have been waiting for, so here you go!

Happy new Year! Some fixes and new quest implementations!

Hello everyone! We have been working as hard as the Santa's Helpers during these Holidays to bring you some new fixes and improvements on your favorite server!

Saving Santa Event

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In this christmas holiday we will activate the event Saving Santa from December 21th until January 11th.

Saving Santa Event
Angry and furious by the treatment that he and his family have endured over every year at christmas, Thomas D. Turkey is holding Santa imprisioned in an unknown location to show the world that turkeys mean business.

Update 21 dec, some improvements and fixes

Hello everyone! we will take advantage of today's morning restart to implement also some changes we've been working on!

Implemented a new Valakas working AI.
Improved Pailaka 73 to avoid issues that some players were experiencing.
Fixed a twins' bug that caused getting drop more than expected.
Fixed a visaul bug in Baium that made some players see more than one baium.
Fixed Expulsion of Evil Spirits quest, now you can do the last part of the quest.
Now every Tyrannosaurus can level up Crystals 10 and 11.

Merry Christmas!

During the Christmas period (from 24th to 30th of december), you will recieve even more Bonus Golden Apigas, no matter the amount you donate, even for the smallest amount.

Merry Christmas to all!

Update 11th Dic, Zaken, Nevit's Hourglass and more.

Hello server! in this update we've changed and fixed many things as they are listed below...

Update 6 Dic, Quests, Nobless and minor fixes.

Hello Server! We are implementing many of the changes you were waiting for in today's restart.
We know this took us a little time, so thank you for your patience.
The changes are as follows:

Update 14 Nov, Hellbound, Sel Mahum and fixes.

Hello everyone, today we have done this updates but some of this changes were applyed during past week.


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