Easter Event 2014

Easter Event 2014

We want to wish every player a Happy Easter Holidays so we have made something special for this dates, we're going to start an event for the whole Easter Holiday Period!

We have been baking all kinds of Easter cookies for you to enjoy on this event. You will find these cookies hidden on every mob in the land, so be sure to hunt as many mobs you can solo or with your friends. You will find many different rewards hidden in various cookie jars, but don't get discouraged if you find an empty one, you'll have many chances to look for more!

​Update 2th April! New accessories, improved the way you learn skills and much more!

Finally we have the update everyone has been waiting for, in this update we have done the following changes:

Love is in the air with a double XP/SP weekend!

Happy Valentines Day L2Vanir!

For the weekend of February 14th to the 16th please enjoy a double XP/SP weekend!

Donation offers and incremented event duration

During the Christmas period (from 24th to 30th of December), you will recieve even more Bonus Golden Apigas, no matter the amount you donate, even for the smallest amount.

We also added 2 more days to the Saving Santa event and will end on January the 12th

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In this christmas holiday we will activate the event Saving Santa from December 20th until January 10th and Santa's Blessings from December 20th until January 3rd.

Saving Santa Event
Angry and furious by the treatment that he and his family have endured over every year at christmas, Thomas D. Turkey is holding Santa imprisioned in an unknown location to show the world that turkeys mean business.

Antibot protection

We are glad to announce we implemented an antibot protection to stop bots to continue boting on L2Vanir.

The new client files will be updated automatically from the updater, so if you don't have the last patch, please download it.

If you have problems with the updater or entering the game, please report it on forums.

Trick or Transmutation!

Happy Halloween L2Vanir, it's time for the Trick or Transmutation event!  Players must find keys to unlock the mysterious alchemists chests which contain materials needed to craft the 6 different philosopher stones.  The philosopher stones are used to summon rare and valuable rewards including s80 weapons, s80 armor, soul crystals up to stage 15, vitality items, noble stones, mounts, giants codex's, element stones and crystals, and head accessories.

Update 23 Sep, new map on events and fixes

Hello server, we are glad to announce these new updates, some of them were applied already.

New L2Vanir patch & updater

L2Vanir updater

We are glad to announce the new L2Vanir patch with our updater. With the updater we will launch important updates and fixes to the client side.
You will need this in the future to play in L2Vanir, the old patch won't be usable anymore. So please download the new patch from our download section and install it.

Happy Birthday L2Vanir!

As we all know, L2Vanir is about turn one year old.  We'd like to honor that with a week long celebration of a few different events.  To kick off our birthday celebration, you'll find yourself gaining double XP/SP on the weekend of Septemper 14th and 15th.  After that, Jack Sage will be visiting our server again from Septemper 16th to the 20th.

On Friday September 20th, all players that connect to the server will find themselves rewarded with a cloak or a birhtday hat to say thank you for playing here at L2Vanir.


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