Update 23 Sep, new map on events and fixes

Hello server, we are glad to announce these new updates, some of them were applied already.

  • Seal Limit fixed, will keep CP/HP/MP recovery under 30%
  • Fixed recommendation and Nevit's Hourglass XP/SP bonus.
  • Fixed a minor bug with Seven Sign Seal Of The Emperor. If someone started the instance after you killed at least one seal your quest was broken and you needed to kill the seals again.
  • Added Exchange of glittering medals for regular medals.
  • Fixed some Extractable items, the items won't be consumed without giving a reward anymore.
  • Added a system to better balance teams in TvT matches.
  • Changed the map in all events, we have plans to add a voting system and more maps in the future.
  • Made changes to the NPC buffer. Added vampiric rage buff, removed all but basic songs, dances, and prophet buffs.
  • We have now chat moderators, their identities will be hidden.
  • Now the herbs and some potions will remove the first-buff when you are with full-buffs.

Thank you for playing us here at L2Vanir.


Hefajstos's picture

Yeah! Thanks a lot : ) Im waiting for start and check this out : )

loar's picture

Why did you take so many buffs away from NPC buffer?  Is this what the people on the server wanted?

Martynas's picture

i would suggest to make buffer the way it was, I think no one will like as it is now.. I'm already pissed from buffing clan, now I even need to buff with additional buffs that just making any sense to remove them.. Yeah some classes will become useful again but there are not many ppl playing as main with SWS/BD. If you want to remove buffs just remove whole npc buffer from the server!..  Since most of the people has buffers.. Also removal of vampyre dance including renewal,champion, medition wont attract new players here.. Renewal and meditation at least were good for mage starters but now people will be forced to make fighter character.. another idea is to extend buff time to 2 hour period then it would be more pleasant to box so many chars in order to buff yourself...

loar's picture

Ya, I am not into this.  I have to many boxes as is.  Now everyone in my clan is begging for my BD and SWS buffer.  Driving me nuts.

Lithuenne's picture

Im not driving your nuts. Im not asking for any. :D

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!

Makenshin's picture

I need to make one bd bot now...

Please, remove npc buffer, or put again same songs, and dances before... . I want vampire dance. 
We dont have so many bd, sws, ee or pp main class... .

Martynas's picture

Just want the way it was before that is it.

Ignis's picture

We had some complaints of people wanted to play these classes.
So we changed it so those classes WOULD be played.
With those buffs in the buffers, there was no point.

KoS's picture

So if somone will play main bd/sws/pp or even EE , why would i ever take them in my party?
I will just use buff bots and duo with a certain tank anything on the whole map.
Support classes are completly useless in any server(pve-wise) , their only good use is on  a server with retail-like buff duration.