​Update 2th April! New accessories, improved the way you learn skills and much more!

Finally we have the update everyone has been waiting for, in this update we have done the following changes:

  • We have added 'Horn-Rimmed Glasses' and 'Afro Hair' in the accessory shops as the community requested.
  • The learning skills interface has been improved, now the window of the next skill level is shown instead of the list, this can save a lot of time.
  • Rush Impact, Blink and Warp can no longer be used when you're rooted.
  • Now Shadow step can be used on towns to NPCs.
  • Symbol skills like Symbol of Defense and Symbol of Energy no longer affect the enemies.
  • Old shops will be removed automatically after each restart.
  • Now you won't be able to use the NPC Buffer Shiela while you are registered on Olympiad or Events.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the quest Seeds of Chaos where if you ported out of Rodenpicula's room you couldn't port in again.

We hope you enjoy these changes, thanks everyone for your patience and for playing L2Vanir!


Ray's picture

Goood job Gm Ignis Sekai Arge , and ofcourse moderator thanks for being here :))) like this server alot and u making al nice fixxes soo keep doing the good work Respect from a loyal L2 PLayer :) Ray

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Define "Old"

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!

Ignis's picture

90 days is old for me, for example

Lithuenne's picture

Alright, noted. Thanks for the glasses!

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!