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Player Appreciation Week!

Hello players!  We want to thank you all for continuing to play with us here at L2Vanir.  We would like to thank you officially by celebrating with a Player Appreciation Week!  This week will include a few different things for everyone, new or old, to enjoy.

From June 18th to June 19th please enjoy the double XP/SP. 

You can also enjoy double spoil on June 24th, 25th, and 26th.

Double XP weekend!

Happy Leap Year!

For the weekend of March 5th and 6th please enjoy double XP.

Thank you for playing with us here at L2Vanir!

Valentine's Day Event!

Love is in the air this February here at L2Vanir and we want to share it with you!

The Valentine's Messenger - Queen of Hearts is visiting our server from February 12th to the 21st.  Speak with her in any major town to receive your special recipe: Valentine's Day cake.  You must collect the following ingredients in order to create your special cakes.  

Please note these cakes have a 95% success rate.

Happy Birthday L2Vanir!

Happy Birthday L2Vanir!

Happy Birthday to us!

It's that time of year again, where L2Vanir is celebrating its third birthday! We're very excited to have been opened for a full three years so we hope you'll join us in a week long celebration!

From September 25th to October 5th special birthday boxes will have a chance to drop from any mob in the land (keep in mind that level difference between you and the monsters will affect the drop rate of these boxes).

On September 25th to September 27th you will receive a bonus of double XP and SP.

Double Spoil Weekend!

Hello players!

For the weekend of September 4th to September 6th we'd like to offer you double spoil!  We hope you enjoy this opportunity to gather more materials than usual!

Thank you for choosing L2Vanir.

Double XP/SP weekend!

Hello players!

As an apology for the recent lag issues please enjoy a weekend of double XP/SP.

The boosts will be active from July 17th to July 19th.

As always, thank you for playing with us here at L2Vanir.

Spread the Love! And enjoy a double XP event

Valentine cakes event

Help spread the Love!

Enjoy the Valentine's Event on the romantic Valentine's Day holidays from the Feburary 13th to the 22th.

To participate in the event talk to Valentine Messenger - Queen of Hearts in all major towns to begin your personal Valentine's Day celebration!

Speak with her to receive a free  Recipe: Valentine Cake. Hunt monsters to gather the ingredients needed for these cakes are: 

Happy Birthday L2Vanir!

L2Vanir is turning two!  In order to celebrate this happy occasion you will find special birthday boxes during your normal hunting excursions.  These boxes will drop from Septemper 26th to October 3rd.  

To further celebrate our second birthday you will gain double XP/SP the weekend of Septemper 26th to the 28th.

As an added bonus, any player who logs in on Septemper 27 will recieve a free cloak or a birhtday hat!

Thank you all for sticking with us for the last two years!

Double XP/SP and Vitality!

Happy summer vacations to everyone! To welcome the newest players that join the server, and celebrating the end of school classes we will have a few XP events.

From June 21th to the 22th you will be gifted with a double XP/SP weekend.

Master of Enchanting Event with bonus XP!

L2Vanir community, Master Yogi is visiting our server again, and he has a great need for an over enchanted staff.  He's willing to reward those who bring them to him with all kinds of interesting items.  For a limited time you will be able to buy a staff and special enchant scrolls from Master Yogi.  Some of these special enchant scrolls can also be found on monsters throughout the land.  

Keep in mind that you can only have one staff at a time, but as many enchant scrolls as you can find. 


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