Update 20 Sept

In this update we have changed this things.

  • Vanir Store sells S Grade equipment.
  • Now Chant of Critical Attack buff has one hour duration instad of 40 minutes.
  • In Diamond the white Eyed, if you get stucked it will be fixed once you kill another quest mob.
  • Golden Apiga item is now tradeable and sellable.

We hope you like this changes.

Update 17 sept, Delusion Chamber

Greetings in this update we have made some changes.

  • The Delusion Chamber instances now are avaliable and work as it should be.
  • Sel Mahum Training Grounds have been improved. Now Sel Mahum show their texts and animations properly.
  • The chat radius (shout and trade) is now world wide.

We are working hard to improve the server. Enjoy this changes!
Thank you.

Update 7 Sept, Seven Sign

In this update we have implemented all Seven Sign Quests and many other changes listed below.

Update 3 Sept

Today Monday 3rd, We performed few updates, which are listed below:

Double experiencie this weekend


As we promise, this weekend 1st and 2nd of September the server XP and SP is doubled.
We hope you enjoy this EXP event.

Offical opening has arrived

The time has come, today is the official opening of the server. We won't make any important change (rates, etc..) from now on.
This weekend we are going to make a double XP event to welcome the new users.
Tell everyone to join us, from this date more people will be joining since the some advertising of the server has been done.

Remember to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for the news. Also you can sucribe on RSS.

Server opening date

We are excited to announce that the official opening date is next Monday 27/08/2012. We won't reset the beta server, now is very stable.
We encourage you to share the server with your friends, facebook and twitter.
You can follow us on twitter and facebook with the buttons in the front page.

We ask you to go in and play the server and tell us your opinion and suggestions on the forum, We will greatly appreciate it.

If you have any questions please ask us what you need and we will be glad to answer.

Beta server opening


The server is now opened on beta, in a few days we will release a date for the official opening.
When the date of the opening comes we won't reset the server unless it is absolutely necessary, therefore accounts and characters will remain.


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