Happy new year, donation bonus increased

Happy new year 2015!

The donation sales event has been finished but from now, donation bonus have been increased on the amounts of 50€, 80€ and 100€ giving more bonus than past years.

50€ from 3.250 to 4.500
80€ from 7.200 to 10.000
100€ from 11.000 to 15.000

We hope you feel happier when you donate those high amounts since we appreciate when you support us.

Double XP/SP!

Back by popular demand! A double XP/SP event will take place this weekend April 13th and 14th. We just want to say thank you again to all our players here at L2Vanir. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, and some of you are new faces, but we enjoy each and every one of you! Happy hunting!

Online Day and double XP/SP Events

Hello!  Tomorrow, March 30th, is L2Vanir's online day.  Everyone who connects will receive a cloak or a mask.  We are happy to see our server growing daily with new and returning players.  We want to welcome these new players with a double XP/SP event this weekend, March 30th and 31st.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity and stay with us for a long time!

Double XP/SP this Weekend! (2-3 Mar)

Hello everyone, since more people are coming to L2Vanir, we are going to do a double XP/SP Event this weekend (2-3 Mar). We hope this will encourage more people to stay and help to make the server grow.

Have fun!

Double XP/SP in the Weekend! (3-4 Nov)

Hello everyone, as we promised this weekend will be double XP/SP. It will start on Saturday 3th November at 0:00AM (CET) and will finish on Monday 5th at 0:00AM (CET).

You will have 48h of double XP/SP, we hope you enjoy this.

Update 12 Oct, Revita-Pop changes and more accessories available

In this update we have made the following changes:

Update 30 Sep

Today we are doing a restart to active the following changes we have done:

  • Arcana Sigil, Majestic Set and Nightmare Set is now in Vanir Store.
  • The capacity of characters non-dwarf has been incremented from 80 to 120.
  • Now all characters will have 20% more of weight capacity.
  • We have removed Raid Curse, mobs still have the penalty of drop.

We hope you like this changes.

Update 26 sep

In this patch we have done the following changes:

  • The Buffer NPC has been updated and now it will grant max level buffs instead of just lvl 1 buffs.
  • Many buffs have been changed to last 1 hour instead of 40 minutes (mostly chants).
  • Gold Einhasad drop rate has been incremented, now champs will give a little bit more Gold Einhasad per kill.

This is all for this patch we hope you to enjoy the changes.
Remember, if you have any suggestion to improve the server make us know through the forums!

Update 20 Sept

In this update we have changed this things.

  • Vanir Store sells S Grade equipment.
  • Now Chant of Critical Attack buff has one hour duration instad of 40 minutes.
  • In Diamond the white Eyed, if you get stucked it will be fixed once you kill another quest mob.
  • Golden Apiga item is now tradeable and sellable.

We hope you like this changes.

Update 17 sept, Delusion Chamber

Greetings in this update we have made some changes.

  • The Delusion Chamber instances now are avaliable and work as it should be.
  • Sel Mahum Training Grounds have been improved. Now Sel Mahum show their texts and animations properly.
  • The chat radius (shout and trade) is now world wide.

We are working hard to improve the server. Enjoy this changes!
Thank you.


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