Easter donation sales!

This easter holiday the donation bonus is increased by 50% and +250 of bonus for the smallest amount.

The sales will start on 26th of March and will last until the 3rd of April.

Happy Easter!

Update February 1st! Olympiad changes and more.

Finally we can show you what we've been working on, this update will take place on 1st of February after the restart.

Happy new year, donation bonus increased

Happy new year 2015!

The donation sales event has been finished but from now, donation bonus have been increased on the amounts of 50€, 80€ and 100€ giving more bonus than past years.

50€ from 3.250 to 4.500
80€ from 7.200 to 10.000
100€ from 11.000 to 15.000

We hope you feel happier when you donate those high amounts since we appreciate when you support us.

Merry Christmas, donation sales

This Christmas Holiday the donation bonus will be increased, even for the smallest amount you will recieve more bonus of Golden Apigas!
The event starts today 20th December and will last until the 1st of January included.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

​Update 5th May! Olympiads, Elpy events, Zaken and more.

Finally we have the update everyone has been waiting for, in this update we have done the following changes;

Some changes on the website, credits, points and characters

We have done a website update regarding donations and rewards.

When you make a donation now you get credits on the website and then you can send them to the account you choose and get Golden Apiga.
The same happens with the rewards, now when you vote you get some points and when you get at least 400 you can send them to the account you choose to get Event Apiga.

The ratio conversion is 1:1
1 Credit = 1 Golden Apiga
1 Point = 1 Event Apiga

Also now you can see your characters from your profile and transfer them between accounts for Credits.

Merry Christmas!

During the Christmas period (from 24th to 30th of december), you will recieve even more Bonus Golden Apigas, no matter the amount you donate, even for the smallest amount.

Merry Christmas to all!

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