​Update 5th May! Olympiads, Elpy events, Zaken and more.

Finally we have the update everyone has been waiting for, in this update we have done the following changes;

  • We have improved all Blow type skills, now half-kill works as it should on monsters and the enchant of PvP damage is fixed.
  • Song of Wind Storm duration now is 1h instead of 2minutes.
  • Now herbs of the same type won't be consumed if they're on re-use time (2 seconds for herbs of the same type), you won't be able to pick them up. This prevents of losing the effect of an herb that is on re-use upon picking.
  • We have fixed some typos on Seven Signs quest series.
  • Fixed results of manufacturing arrows and cord at Vanir Store.
  • We've added Song of Vampire on Fighter Preset at NPC buffer Shiela.
  • The Olympiad requirements for 3x3 team fights has been lowered to 5 parties instead of 9.
  • Elpy event duration has been increased to last longer like the rabbit chest event and there will be more elpies to kill over-all.
  • We've fixed the pet speed issue.
  • Zaken script has been improved so you can enter after leaving the zone without being the leader.
  • The Donation shop and Event Rewards shop have been adjusted. We have changed the prices of Soul Crystals, Noble Stones, Life-Stones and others. Additionally we have added some items like Dynastic Essence, Giant Codex - Mastery, Zaken and Queen jewels 15-day period in the donation shop.
  • We've fixed the Vitality Maintaining potion of 10 minutes so now they won't be consumed if you have the 30 minutes buff active.

We hope you like these changes, and enjoy playing at L2Vanir!


zoian's picture

Good stuff! But,......trigger skills on different bar? When? Or is out of consideration?

Sterling's picture

To answer this question with finality, it is out of consideration.  Adding trigger buffs to a seperate bar gives fighter classes even more of an advantage than what players already complain about, also tanks with even more buff room is a ridiculous concept on a Freya server.  We wish to keep this server as close to retail Freya as possible and the buff bar was a Hi5 addition.

I'd like to mention and remind players that L2Vanir already has an increased buff limit, more is not needed.

zoian's picture

Ok thanks! Just wanted to know :) Becouse we had a lots of tallks about it and no final answer(or maybe I didnt see it).Now atleast we know it wont happen.Anyway thanks Sterling.

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nice update thx gms

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Good job Ignis ! Keep it up!

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Thx for this update :D and maybe u can add wild magic and song vengeance to wizards preset too. :D

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Why is it always have to end up with tanks?...