Update 3 Sept

Today Monday 3rd, We performed few updates, which are listed below:

  • Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon in Giran.
  • Changed NPC look and name of Event Reward.
  • Added teleport protection for 30s or until movement is detected.
  • New NPC Vanir store providing A Grade Weaponry, Armors and Jewelry.
  • Now Champions drop Gold Einhasad, you can use this in Vanir Store.
  • Pailaka - Injured Dragon Quest level 73 implemented.
  • Luxury Shop improved and organized to provide B Grade Jewelry.
  • The Exclusive Vanir Double XP event has concluded.

Enjoy the changes and improvements we make for you the players, after all we work to make a better environment and a fun experience for everyone. Enjoy the server and please don't forget to vote daily on our website, check us out on facebook, and recommend us to your friends.

Thank you.
Enjoy your stay!