Happy Birthday L2Vanir!

As we all know, L2Vanir is about turn one year old.  We'd like to honor that with a week long celebration of a few different events.  To kick off our birthday celebration, you'll find yourself gaining double XP/SP on the weekend of Septemper 14th and 15th.  After that, Jack Sage will be visiting our server again from Septemper 16th to the 20th.

On Friday September 20th, all players that connect to the server will find themselves rewarded with a cloak or a birhtday hat to say thank you for playing here at L2Vanir.

For the duration of the event (September 14th to the 22nd), all the mobs in the land will have a chance to drop special birthday gifts.  Open these gifts to find a random surprise inside!

Stay tunned during the week of the event, more surprises might be in store!


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Happy birthday L2Vanir :)

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happy b-day friends:)

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Thank you! :P

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I understand that at times like this the atmosphere must be festive & fireworks & "Hooray-Hooray!" etc but still I can't lie to my self or to the GM/Admin staff I must say it, I'm dissappointed from the short time I'm in the server the reasons countless (bugs/glitches/geodata/TvT) for me it's hard to believe that this server is open for a whole full year & there is so many probs around I can't even imagine how bad things were back when the server first start.. anyway I hope things would change for the better in the follow days/weeks, aside from my complains I must say nice event/nice gifts & happy birthday I guess.