Update April 4th! Teleport to Gracia, Baium and more!

Hey there!

We bring you some of the changes we've been working on.

Update 26 Feb, more fixes after events

Hello everybody! On the side of all the February events that you have enjoyed during the whole month, we also worked on adjusting and fixing several things:

Update 21 dec, some improvements and fixes

Hello everyone! we will take advantage of today's morning restart to implement also some changes we've been working on!

Implemented a new Valakas working AI.
Improved Pailaka 73 to avoid issues that some players were experiencing.
Fixed a twins' bug that caused getting drop more than expected.
Fixed a visaul bug in Baium that made some players see more than one baium.
Fixed Expulsion of Evil Spirits quest, now you can do the last part of the quest.
Now every Tyrannosaurus can level up Crystals 10 and 11.

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