Update April 4th! Teleport to Gracia, Baium and more!

Hey there!

We bring you some of the changes we've been working on.

  • You can no longer use hero weapons, skills or potions at TvT, we have restricted some items and skills so heros don't have such an advantage.
  • Finally, everyone has been asking for this, we've added a teleport from the Gludio Airship to Gracia and from Gracia to Gludio. It will cost 100,000 Adena each trip.
  • We have fixed some minor bugs with the instance timers, where sometimes if the character was offline the instance timer wouldn't be set.
  • Added some extra basic buffs to the NPC Buffer for a sightly quantity of Golden Apiga.
  • We addressed the issue with players helping Baium raiders from outside. You won't notice anything while killing Baium, but help from outside will be impossible.
  • The section "My Account" in the website has been redesigned so players are able to see more easily which accounts their characters belong to.

We hope you enjoy the changes and we expect to hear more from you at the forums!

Thank you for choosing L2Vanir, happy gaming!

Changes will become active after the restart on April 4th.


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The maintenance work is taking a bit more time than expected!

Thanks for your patience.

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go go need server on hurry

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Oh my goodness, Oh MY DAYUM!!

Finally the My account part will be more convenient! Thank you for listening to my, and other ppl's propositions regarding this!

Also the teleport from gludio to gracia - Thank You! For a player with limited play time, this is great news, i'd rather pay them adenas then wait for that ship to come and lose precious buffs while waiting. 

Thank you so much!

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!

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GG on updates but no Hero weapons in TvT :(.  Wait nvm TvT doesnt start much anymore. Maybe some new maps for TvT. Change it up more. See what TvT people like. Remove Last Hero and the other solo fight. I think people like the team fights.

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Hey Nasty,

We're hoping that removing hero skills and weapons from TvT will encourage more people to join.  A lot of the complaints we were seeing was that they made TvT unbalanced, no fun, worthless.  The typical complaints, but we agreed that removing the hero items might make for a more enjoyable and balanced TvT experience.


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hello .... much more the server will be Off ?!

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Any news on trying to add the cloaks?

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C`mon guys, l want to play :(

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Sheet happens. Don't worry. Happy holidays •)

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error error =] =] =] we hate waiting =[

salam's picture least tell us any serious problem ?

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looks like that

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there should exist test servers.
It's taking way too long...

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Its a sign... a sign telling us to spend our holidays with families not L2:P But what if Vanir is our second family? :( jk. Patience people, you'll soon forget this ever happeneded.
Edit: Just take your time and do whatever's necessary to make the patch work flawlessly

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when the server is active.?

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a loggg =)

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vete a trabajar

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Un lien! ur nut

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i see bad, hi chandra nalaar

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I think that Vanir Staff should put any hour/day when expect that server will be on... like a boss spawn in 12 hours +- 4 

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cuanto falta para el server

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I cant log!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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some1 is here?

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The password is incorrect?

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Nvm, l fixed it :)