Update 26 Feb, more fixes after events

Hello everybody! On the side of all the February events that you have enjoyed during the whole month, we also worked on adjusting and fixing several things:

  • Improved Seven Sign Series Of Doubt Quest.
  • Changed Baium respawn time between 5 days and 5 days +8h.
  • Offline shops now are invulnerable in peaceful zone.
  • Set Counter Critical buff from Hierophant to 1 hour.
  • Workaround for Cancellation, Steal Divinity and Touch of Death.
  • Fixed Chess room despawn in Dark Cloud Mansion instance.
  • Vitality Maintenance Potion is now tradeable.
  • Tiat Forgotten Scroll drops are increased retail like.
  • Added Noble Enhancement Stones in Seed of Destruction mob drops and Donation Shop.
  • Now the quest items from the "No Secret" quest are correctly removed upon aborting/cancelling the quest.
  • Fixed Spirit of Shilen and Flame Icon skills so that now they will stack with totem skills.
  • Fixed the x5 quest drop rate multiplyer to the "Ghosts of Batur" quest.

We hope you like these fixes.


Ignis's picture

Hello the restart will be tomorrow morning and will add all these fixes.

Sorry for the delay.