​Update 17th December! Clan leasing and more.

Finally the day has arrived! We will list here all the changes that we have done;

  • The clan penalty upon leaving a clan or dismissing a clan member has been changed back to retail. The reason behind this is that some players abused that there was no penalty upon leaving or dismissing players from a clan.
  • Fixed the bug where Court Magicians from Castles would still sell you talismans even if your inventory was full.
  • Fixed a bug on Frintezza that caused players not able to enter the instance.
  • Now upon leaving Seed of Destruction the instance will be destroyed correctly and you won't have to wait until the instance time has ended.
  • Rafforty NPC will now exchange Blessed Freya Necklace.
  • The rate of Bottle of Freya's Soul is x1 (so 50%), the same as Grand Boss Jewelry.
  • Clan Hall leasing implemented. This system is to prevent old clans to retain their clan halls, so new clans can obtain a clan hall from an unactive clan. You can check all the information about this at the Clan Hall Manager.
  • Now Seed of Annihilation won't have the possibility to repeat the same buff/color upon changing.

We've fixed minor bugs and typos as well and we have been preparing the christmas events which will become active on the 21th of December.

We hope you enjoy the changes, enjoy L2Vanir!


thyllervazhty's picture

nice godd job sir sekai :)

Lithuenne's picture

Very nice. Altho, the Leasing.. It kicks in only in after no members of clan X that own a clan hall , lgs on? Or how?

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!

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OMG, at least put a WARNING that your Freya necklace WILL LOSE all its ++.. I lost a +10 necklace now, i thought it will transfer with enchantment. Thank god it didnt take +16 one <_<

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!

Ignis's picture

Lol ofc, don't try to exchange a +16 one or you will lose the enchantment.

What did you think? That you could get a +16 Blessed Freya's Necklace? 

Go with only one Freya Necklace in your inventory.