Update 6th June! Weight limit and more.

Hello, in this update we have done the following changes;

  • We've increased the weight limit from extra 20% to 50% so it is more acurate with the buff duration and the drop rate of the server.
  • Now crafters will be able to learn 100 recipes instead of 50.
  • We've fixed a problem with the 2nd part of noblesse quest, now you can continue the quest when you abandoned it and Virgil's Letter is removed.
  • We've added Magic Wild on Mystic Preset at NPC buffer Shiela.
  • The drops for some raid boss jewels (Baium, etc...) have been adjusted to the level penalty like on retail.

Apart from this some general bugs got fixed, we've prepared the events for June/July and the vote rewards, which will come soon.

We hope you like these changes, and enjoy playing at L2Vanir!


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Good job, can't wait for event rewards change.
Keep it up!