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Update 12 Jun, Added some conquerable halls added many more repairs and improvements!

This morning we've updated the server with the following:

Update 14 May, New events and Freya in extreme cold

Event schedule in L2Vanir.

Hello players,
We have been very busy adding, changing, and repairing things to make L2Vanir a more enjoyable and stable server. A few of these new changes are:

Double XP and Vitality!

Lineage 2 private server Eva's Blessing event; Jack Sage on L2Vanir.

Welcome new players!

In honor of the new players and increase in server numbers this last month we are celebrating with a few XP events.

From May 10th to the 13th you will be gifted with a double XP/SP weekend.

Update 25 Apr, New TvT, Maguen pet and some quests.

Hello players!
We have a few updates and fixes for you once again. They are as follows:

Master Of Enchanting Event

L2Vanir community!  We have heard your ideas and we are doing our best to deliver!  Master Yogi is visiting our server, and he has a great desire for an over enchanted staff.  He's willing to reward those who bring them to him with all kinds of goodies.  For a limited time you will be able to buy a staff and special enchant scrolls from Master Yogi.  Some of these special enchant scrolls can also be found on monsters throughout the land.  

Keep in mind that you can only have one staff at a time, but as many enchant scrolls as you desire. 

Update 3 Apr, New TvT and Chimeras drops

Hello everyone, this time we bring you a new TvT Event for rounds, 3 rounds of 3 minutes.

Online Day and double XP/SP Events

Hello!  Tomorrow, March 30th, is L2Vanir's online day.  Everyone who connects will receive a cloak or a mask.  We are happy to see our server growing daily with new and returning players.  We want to welcome these new players with a double XP/SP event this weekend, March 30th and 31st.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity and stay with us for a long time!

Easter Cookies Event

Cookies Event - Happy Easter!

In honor of the up-coming Easter holiday we wanted to do something special for our players.  The L2Vanir team has been hard at work baking all kinds of Easter cookies for you to enjoy.  You will find these cookies hidden on all the mobs in the land, so be sure to grind hard solo or with a group of friends to find your goodies.

There are many different rewards hidden in various cookie jars, but don't get discouraged if you find an empty one, you'll have many chances to look for more!

Happy hunting and happy Easter to all our players here on L2Vanir!

Update 24 Mar, Finally new GEO-data!

We're sending March out with a bang here at L2Vanir!  In addition to a new upcoming event we have also implemented these new changes to our server:

Update 26 Feb, more fixes after events

Hello everybody! On the side of all the February events that you have enjoyed during the whole month, we also worked on adjusting and fixing several things:


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