Update 25 Apr, New TvT, Maguen pet and some quests.

Hello players!
We have a few updates and fixes for you once again. They are as follows:

  • 8k start adena
  • Added Zero Hour quest
  • Fixed Freya re-enter time
  • Fixed MP recharge of offline shops
  • Added .trade on/off command to accept or reject trade requests.
  • New donation services: Change clan/character/pet name and change your gender.
  • Added Completely Lost quest
  • Fixed drops of Chapel and Anteroom keys and Key of Darkness from Pagan Temple mobs. Andreas Van Halter raid boss is still in progress.
  • Implemented Maguen Plasma skills and Maguen Plasma Collector item.
  • Now the Maguen pet can be obtained [read the guide]
  • New TvT:
    • Event scheduling.
    • Multiple events at the same time.
    • Observing running events.
    • Fight preparation.
    • TvT Buffer very similar to Olympiad buffer.
    • Rewards can be items, fame points, vitality or buffs.
    • Event score review dialog.
    • Players are added again if they re-enter after disconnect.
    • Multiple events for different levels.
    • .tvt command to open the TvT window dialog.
    • Two types of TvT Event.
      • If you die you will be respawned in a reinforecement wave.
      • If you die, you will be dead until next stage.

Thank you again for playing with us here at L2Vanir!