Update 14 May, New events and Freya in extreme cold

Event schedule in L2Vanir.

Hello players,
We have been very busy adding, changing, and repairing things to make L2Vanir a more enjoyable and stable server. A few of these new changes are:

  • Freya hardcore mode fully implemented.
  • New rewards in Elpy, Rabbits and Race events.
    • Removed energy ginseng and blessed resurrection scrolls for pets, added fresh milk buff pots, 10 minute and 30 minute vitality maintenance pots.
  • Race event has now 3 winners ineasted of 1.
  • Added top B grade weapon to donations shop.
  • Added high and top life stones from level 76-82 to donations shop.
  • Added head accessories uniform hat, bamboo assassins hat, ribbon hairband, visor, and skull hat to NPC Handy and donations shop.
  • TvT Manager is now Event Manager and 2 new events have been added.
    • Re-worked all dialogs.
    • Added info dialog with detailed event information.
    • Changed the scheduling of the events, each event is done 2 times per day at different hours. You have the schedule avobe.
    • Implemented DeathMatch and Last Hero Standing events.
    • Added fees to all events between 100k and 500k Adena depending on event level.
    • Changed the TVT command, it is now .event instead of .tvt.

Once again, we thank all of you for staying with us here as we constantly update and add new things!