Update 12 Jun, Added some conquerable halls added many more repairs and improvements!

This morning we've updated the server with the following:

  • Restricted potions, milk, elixirs and hero skills to Events as well as Hide and Rush impact skills only to last hero standing event.
  • Added Noblesse Blessing to npc scheme buffer for donations.
  • Added missing transformation skills: Grail Apostle, Unicorn, Lilim Knight, Golem Guardian, Inferno Drake and Dragon Bomber.
  • Cancel skills are now properly affected by resistances.
  • Fixed Resist Full Magic Attack boss skill. This skill was making bosses and other mobs invulnerable to any type of debuff. This means that now debuff is working on most raid bosses. Notice that Valakas and Antharas are completely invulnerable by other skill and is retail like.
  • Fixed some actions of hero pole Infinity Spear, cancel on critical attack now working.
  • Some siegable clan halls implemented: Devasted Castle, Fortress of resistance and Fortress of the dead. We are still working on the rest.
  • Added NPC talk blockage. When you talk to a NPC you must wait 3 seconds to walk.
  • Added restriction to talk to an NPC when movement is disabled: Stun, Root, Sleep, Overload, Paralysis, etc.
  • Added Blood Alliance as a reward when a castle is successfully defended.
  • Added Shiela the NPC buffer in coliseum.
  • Added fix to Mage skills.  It should now be much harder to get stuck while casting spells.
  • When AoE is disabled in events, summons cant AoE aswell.
  • Fixed Delicious Top Choice Meat quest as retail like.
  • Fixed HeadQuarters flags, hits to advanced take half HP.

We hope you enjoy these changes and thanks for playing here in L2Vanir