Master Of Enchanting Event

L2Vanir community!  We have heard your ideas and we are doing our best to deliver!  Master Yogi is visiting our server, and he has a great desire for an over enchanted staff.  He's willing to reward those who bring them to him with all kinds of goodies.  For a limited time you will be able to buy a staff and special enchant scrolls from Master Yogi.  Some of these special enchant scrolls can also be found on monsters throughout the land.  

Keep in mind that you can only have one staff at a time, but as many enchant scrolls as you desire. 

This event will run from April 20th - April 30th.

Good luck enchanting, the brave shall be rewarded!

The prices for the event items are as follows:
Staff: 100k
1 Scroll: 1m
10 Scrolls: 9m
24 Scrolls: 6m every 6 hours per account.

Master Enchanter Event Rewards: (0-3: No rewards)

  1. High-Grade Life Stone - Level 80
  2. High-Grade Life Stone - Level 82
  3. Gemstones S (10)
  4. High-Grade Life Stone - Level 84
  5. Top Hat OR Black Mask OR rider Rider Goggles
  6. Scroll: Enchant Armor (S)
  7. Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
  8. Red OR Green OR Blue Soul Crystal: Stage 13
  9. Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 80
  10. Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 82
  11. Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 84
  12. Soul Crystal - Stage 14 Box
  13. Dynasty Armor Box
  14. Dynastic Essence II
  15. Dynasty Weapon Box
  16. Soul Crystal - Stage 15 Box
  17. Soul Crystal - Stage 16 Box
  18. Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S)
  19. Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
  20. Icarus Weapon Box