Double XP and Vitality!

Lineage 2 private server Eva's Blessing event; Jack Sage on L2Vanir.

Welcome new players!

In honor of the new players and increase in server numbers this last month we are celebrating with a few XP events.

From May 10th to the 13th you will be gifted with a double XP/SP weekend.

From May 13th to the 20th Jack Sage will be visiting our server to bring us the Eva's Blessing event.  He will be casting the Blessing of Vitality buff on players. A player can receive this buff once every six hours. Along with this vitality buff, players will also be able to receive the vampiric rage buff and chant of victory. Keep in mind that these are limited time buffs, and will not be added permanently!

Happy hunting!


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Very Good Sterling!

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Yeah Good Sterling and gm staff :)