Update August 20th! Fixes and hats!

Hey there!

We bring you some of the changes we've been working on.

Summer Squash, take 3!

Buzz the Cat, faithful employee to Gardener Fordson of Floran is visiting our server again.  After such a successful Spring, Gardener Fordson has reinvested in a new lot of improved magical squash seeds.  He has decided to grow them for the Summer season.  Fortunately for you, they still have more seeds than they know what to do with.  Hunt monsters in any part of the land to gather nectar.  Take this nectar to Buzz the Cat in exchange for squash seeds.

Double XP/SP weekend!

Hello players!

As an apology for the recent lag issues please enjoy a weekend of double XP/SP.

The boosts will be active from July 17th to July 19th.

As always, thank you for playing with us here at L2Vanir.

Letter collector event!

Here at L2Vanir we are always looking for a reason to have some fun!  In honor of the school year ending for those of you still in school or working at one, and in honor of the start of the summer season we are celebrating!

Player Appreciation Week!

Hello players!  We want to thank you all for your patience during this past month.  We know the lag was a problem for many and we're very happy to see that you waited it out with us.    We would like to thank you officially by celebrating with a Player Appreciation Week!  This week will include a few different things for everyone, new or old, to enjoy.

Update April 4th! Teleport to Gracia, Baium and more!

Hey there!

We bring you some of the changes we've been working on.

Easter Cookie Event!

In honor of the up-coming Easter holiday we wanted to do something special for our players.  The L2Vanir team has been hard at work baking all kinds of Easter cookies for you to enjoy.  You will find these cookies hidden on all the mobs in the land, so be sure to grind hard solo or with a group of friends to find your goodies.

There are many different rewards hidden in various cookie jars, but don't get discouraged if you find an empty one, you'll have plenty of chances to look for more!

Spread the Love! And enjoy a double XP event

Valentine cakes event

Help spread the Love!

Enjoy the Valentine's Event on the romantic Valentine's Day holidays from the Feburary 13th to the 22th.

To participate in the event talk to Valentine Messenger - Queen of Hearts in all major towns to begin your personal Valentine's Day celebration!

Speak with her to receive a free  Recipe: Valentine Cake. Hunt monsters to gather the ingredients needed for these cakes are: 

Christmas Event 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone! Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year, that's why we will activate some events for this holiday period. This is the perfect time to bring your friends to the server as well!

L2Vanir Advertising Event

Hello there!

We're doing an advertising event, you can obtain loads of Event-Apiga! and you will have a chance of winning a clean FREYA weapon of your choice!

For more information check the forum post.


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