Update August 20th! Fixes and hats!

Hey there!

We bring you some of the changes we've been working on.

  • Added three new moderators and removed the old ones.
  • Now you will be able to teleport to a town that is in Siege, we removed the prohibition because it was bugged, it wouldn't let you teleport from a town in siege to nearby hunting areas, and the easier way to fix it was removing the prohibition completely. We think it has no impact in the game since everyone can get town teleport scrolls or summoners in towns.
  • We have added a new event on the GM's menu, so they will trigger it more often, this event is the Jack Sage NPC. GM's will activate it from time to time, depending on how good the players behave!
  • Repaired a bug with Seer Urgoros and the divine crystal quest.  You can no longer obtain a scale without first entering the raid zone through the gate-keeper.
  • Added six new head accessories to the Event Shop and Donation Shop.  These include the pink Afro hair, gold Afro hair, blue soccer Afro, white soccer Afro and refined wizards hat.
  • Disabled the "agility" skill from head accessory item Horn-rimmed glasses inside the Olympiad arenas.
  • We've fixed the location of Star Stones at Gracia. Now they appear in the air and can be gathered.

We hope you enjoy the changes and we expect to hear more from you at the forums!

Thank you for choosing L2Vanir, happy gaming!