February events: Share the Love and L2Vanir!

February events, the love is coming

February started and with it, a lot of love floating in the air, and some new events!

The first one is Eva's Blessing ; High priest Jack Sage of Eva's Oracle has been dispatched to L2Vanir to improve adventurer's abilities with Blessing of Vitality and Request of Newbies. The world is now facing a great danger, find out more about it talking to Jack Sage in towns, and ask him for the Blessings!

Happy new Year! Some fixes and new quest implementations!

Hello everyone! We have been working as hard as the Santa's Helpers during these Holidays to bring you some new fixes and improvements on your favorite server!

Saving Santa Event

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In this christmas holiday we will activate the event Saving Santa from December 21th until January 11th.

Saving Santa Event
Angry and furious by the treatment that he and his family have endured over every year at christmas, Thomas D. Turkey is holding Santa imprisioned in an unknown location to show the world that turkeys mean business.

Double XP/SP in the Weekend! (3-4 Nov)

Hello everyone, as we promised this weekend will be double XP/SP. It will start on Saturday 3th November at 0:00AM (CET) and will finish on Monday 5th at 0:00AM (CET).

You will have 48h of double XP/SP, we hope you enjoy this.

New Zombie Event!

Hi there, we have worked a lot to bring you this new event, people got bored of Elpies and Rabbit events so we decided to develop a new Zombie Invasion event concerning Halloween which will take place from 29th October to 4th November at evening-nights when the sun fades out randomly between 6pm to 11pm.

In the event you will have to defeat all the Zombies who are attacking Hunter's Village, Rune Township, Town of Aden or Town of Goddard, each town invasion will get harder.

Update 6 Oct, Medal event and more

Greetings from the Vanir Team!

Finally the patch that everyone has been waiting for has come! In this patch we have made the following changes:

Double experiencie this weekend


As we promise, this weekend 1st and 2nd of September the server XP and SP is doubled.
We hope you enjoy this EXP event.

Offical opening has arrived

The time has come, today is the official opening of the server. We won't make any important change (rates, etc..) from now on.
This weekend we are going to make a double XP event to welcome the new users.
Tell everyone to join us, from this date more people will be joining since the some advertising of the server has been done.

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