Easter Cookie Event!

In honor of the up-coming Easter holiday we wanted to do something special for our players.  The L2Vanir team has been hard at work baking all kinds of Easter cookies for you to enjoy.  You will find these cookies hidden on all the mobs in the land, so be sure to grind hard solo or with a group of friends to find your goodies.

There are many different rewards hidden in various cookie jars, but don't get discouraged if you find an empty one, you'll have plenty of chances to look for more!

Happy hunting and happy Easter to all our players here on L2Vanir!

This event will run from March 28th to April 12th.


loar's picture

What are the items in the cookies?

Sterling's picture

Hello Loar,

The items in the boxes range anywhere from vitality items, soul crystals up to stage 16, A and S gems, noble stones, mounting braclets, regular enchants D-S, blessed enchants D-S, element items, Giants codexes, and holiday related accesories.  We hope you enjoy the event!


balurra's picture

deberian agregar forgoten books y armas s84

Sekai's picture

Hello Balurra,

It is not in our plans to add those items in this event. As Sterling mentioned, it can drop Blessed Enchants grade S and also Element Crystals which are pretty rare items.

But thank you for the suggestion.


pr700's picture

my suggestion is for vitality npc and double expe plis

Dwjeckson1's picture

my suggestion is for vitality npc and double xp please =P

loar's picture

Is there any chance on the next events you guys do you could try to add more than just c enchant and d enchants?  I did this event for like 10 hours.  I have received about 3 EWS and 6 EAS over that time frame.  But, I received a billion C and D enchants.  As much as this server enjoys blowing up gear they will not use could you look in to having rewards being rewarding?