Update Feburary 19th! Quests updated and Beleth!

Update Feburary 19th

Greetings players,

As you can see the lag issue is really gone and nobody is experiencing lags, we had a hard time with this so we had to deal with it before going on.

Today we bring you some changes on some quests, Hellbound things and Beleth.

  • We have increased the drop rate of the quest item Sel Mahum Mane in the quest Home Security at Beast Farm.
  • The quests A Clan's Reputation and The Clan's Prestige quests in Rune have been modified to grant more reputation points. A Clan's Reputation quest in Aden also grants more reputation.
  • We have changed the Clan Trader Mulia in Rune so now he exchanges bigger quantities of KE for Clan Reputation.
  • Removed the Agathion Seal Bracelet - Saerom from event and donation shops since it's a temporary item that lasted 30 days.
  • When improving a Freya Necklace to a blessed one Rafforty now won't take any Freya Necklace that is equipped, he will take only the a Freya Necklace that is in your inventory.
  • Penitent's Manacles can now be stored in the Warehouse normally.
  • In the Steel Citadel of Hellbound, the Gate Key: Blood now opens the right door and the Gate Key: Destruction is now dropped properly.
  • The quest item Fiery Demon Blood is now dropped at 100%.
  • Deltuva teleport fixed, now teleports into the Steel Citadel correctly.
  • Fixed Beleth raid boss, although the start of the movie is not working properly and sometimes you will see the sky, the raid boss works fine now. Also the Mutated Elpy now respawns correctly.

I hope these changes and fixes are helpful to many of our players!

Have fun!


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Yay, finally we can do the beleth raid in the server! thank you

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great  (Y)