Update 13th April

Hey there!

We bring you some updates and fixes. We hope you like them.

  • Fixed Critical Up skill of the Silenos Spear from the Pailaka quest Injured Dragon (level 73).
  • Scarlet van Halisha and Freya Normal now will level up Soul Crystals up to level 17.
  • Fixed the Four Sepulcher's instances, now all statues and monsters have the correct spawns and won't disapear if they go too close to the walls. So the quest can be completed without any problem.
  • Matras Curiosity quest now gives the blueprints to all party members that match the requirements.
  • Added the drop of Noble Enhancement Stones in Seed of Infinity and slightly incremented in Seed of Destruction.

We wish you a happy hunting!
L2Vanir Staff.


Zilko's picture

Great job Staff! Keep up the good work.