Update September 4th! Lag problem solved!

Hello players!  You'll see below a few of the recent changes and additions we've made to the server!

  • The lag problem has been solved, but our players probably already noticed it.
  • Added fame to the donations shop.  Now you'll be able to use GA to increase your fame. (10 GA = 1 fame)
  • Added dual craft stamps to the Event Shop.
  • Added A grade armor boxes (shadow) to the Event Shop.  These armors will disappear after a certain amount of time but will allow for new players to skip having to buy A grade armor and help them have the necessary adena for S grade.
  • Changed guard behavior.  Now if a guard is pulled from his location and doesn't start to walk back he will teleport after 60 seconds.  This is to prevent players from pulling guards necessary for quest turn-ins away from their home locations.
  • Now mounts are unable to attack, they can and will be only used for mobility.

Thank you for playing here at L2Vanir!


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Thank you for the lag fix.