Update 8 Jul, minor fixes and changes

Hello once again players, as usual we have a few updates and fixes for you.  They are as follows:

  • Fixed a bug on events, on saturday they were set for next week, now it's properly set for next day.
  • Heckaton Prime now drops Nucleus of Hekaton Prime of the The Clans Reputation quest.
  • Queen Shyeed now drops Shyeed's Talon from The Clan's Prestige quest.
  • Applied speed multiplier on some transformations.
  • Fixed an exploit with Hekaton Prime and its respawn delay when is spawned by the quest is now 1 day instead of 1 hour.
  • Added seeds drops and spirit of lake from Isle of Prayer mobs as well as water dragon scale and claw.
  • In the Fates Whisper quest now it will announce the death of the raids and the chests will remain for an increased amount of time.
    • Cabrio (10 minutes)
    • Death Lord Hallate (15 minutes)
    • Kernon (30 minutes)
    • Longhorn Golkonda (45 minutes)
  • Not Strong Enough Alone and Perfect Form Quests works properly now and doesn't delete your skills from your bar.
  • Fixed Chimeras' quantity drops, the number of tomes dropped is increased.

It is a pleasure working for you, and please remember to use the forums to report bugs, exploits, or anything else unsavory!


Fazi's picture

the quest "Not Strong Enough Alone" still removes skills from your bars when you kill something. tested it twice. Keep up the good work tho!

Ignis's picture

Its fixed, thanks.