Summer Squash event!

Buzz the Cat, faithful employee to Gardener Fordson of Floran is visiting our server.  After such a successful Spring, Gardener Fordson has reinvested in a new lot of improved magical squash seeds.  He has decided to grow them for the Summer season.  Fortunately for you, they still have more seeds than they know what to do with.  Hunt monsters in any part of the land to gather nectar.  Take this nectar to Buzz the Cat in exchange for squash seeds.  Break these squash seeds open with crono weapons (offered at the event NPC) for a chance to win many fun surprises.  Event rewards range from potions, crystals, gems, head accessories, element stones and crystals, enchants from B to S grade, and SA crystals up to level 16.

This event will run from August 9th to August 19th.

Happy hunting!


Lithuenne's picture

OMG this is my favourite event! tytyty  One hickup though, the pollen seem to drop at very very low chance or no chance at all. Just killed 400+ mobs and got exactly 0 pollen :(

Edit: You have to be close to mobs lvl to get the nectar drop ^^

Edit2: The squashes cant be killed not by chrono weapon, or not by any at all (after they are grown..). :(

Arrows.. Arrows everywhere!