Recent lag issues

Hello everyone!

We have noticed that there is some horrible lags on the server from time to time, we couldn't find a solution yet but we are working on it.

We know that playing with lag is really annoying so we are trying to fix it it as soon as possible.

This is a networking problem, the latency is quite good and the bandwith is more than enough. The problem is a random packet loss.

Thank you all for your understanding, once the issue is fixed there will be some event surprise for you players!

L2Vanir Staff.


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Only like 50 people play on this server....  I lost points in OLY because of it.  I could not do very many buffs.  Many L2 servers have 1000 people on and do not lag like this.  This lag has been on and off for over a month.

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It is insane yeah. Then it seems like it's over, and a moment later I can't do sht, 5+ seconds lagg. Hope you can find the issue asap.

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Is there any more news about the lagg spikes?

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I think you already noticed it but the lag was solved.