lineage 2

Double XP/SP in the Weekend! (3-4 Nov)

Hello everyone, as we promised this weekend will be double XP/SP. It will start on Saturday 3th November at 0:00AM (CET) and will finish on Monday 5th at 0:00AM (CET).

You will have 48h of double XP/SP, we hope you enjoy this.

Update 29 Oct, Zombie Event, All Sub-Class in Masters...

Hey guys, today we have activated some changes in the server we will list them below.

Scheme buffer

NPC scheme buffer

This morning we've implemented the scheme feature in the NPC Buffer, every character can save up to four schemes. We've also improved the NPC Buffer design.

We hope  you like this new buffer feature.

Update 12 Oct, Revita-Pop changes and more accessories available

In this update we have made the following changes:

Update 6 Oct, Medal event and more

Greetings from the Vanir Team!

Finally the patch that everyone has been waiting for has come! In this patch we have made the following changes:


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