Zilko calling me GM

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Zilko calling me GM

So zilko started to tell me to do my job and kick Mewtu from olympiad, since she was on A grades... and told me I was GM for some reason, maybe cause I can kick his ass xD

I don't expect you to ban him, since GMs can't care less about this, but at least a warning, i've been called GM before too and it's annoying.

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Re: Zilko calling me GM

Hello Toad, Barisart will be jailed for 24h for inapporopiate PMs sent. The past few weeks behavior like this has been happening and it won’t be tolerated anymore. Actions like this from anyone could result in hours to weeks of ban or jail and even permanent ban of your characters.


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Re: Zilko calling me GM

So, jailing is fine for breaking the rules. You get what you cause. But Ignis, since you replied on this topic at 19:45, I was hoping you would jail me right away. I just logged and got 24h left, means no chance for me to take the oly tokens. This seems quiet unfair imo.

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