Time to Grow up

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Time to Grow up

Today two individuals were chat banned for what has been an ongoing childish rant and rage towards each other since a clan disolved and people threw tempertatrums and said they were quiting...

I belong to neither of the clans involved and from my perspective a group of at least 5 individuals from one clan and one from the clan they all bailed on constantly antaginize one person who started his own clan after they all had a falling out.. 

As an outside observer who doesnt take sides and see's this childish behavior of  these 5 individuals constantly badgering and and provoking the other individual for no other reason then to do so is just plan and simply childish..

Prime example is today when the two individuals were chat banned the one's fellow clan members  started running their mouths about the other individual,To make matters worse the person then logged on his dwarf and proceded to run his mouth and egg his clanmates on...

Crap like this needs to be nipped in the bud by the staff or at least the hammer needs to be dropped on 5 to people from  the one clan and let it be known that this type of behavior isnt tolerated .

like what was said in global" Their childish and like a dog with a bone who wont let go.   Grow up folks and act like the supposed adults you profess to be. I put this here as it seemed to be the most appropriate place to point out this issue