Offensive chat

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Offensive chat

Well, I'm a woman, playing L2 for the very first time (since 4 months) and I'm not confortable with what happens today earlier (you can see at the SS that I took).
Now, a woman can't play and show that is a woman cause if we do we'll have answer like that? -.- I don't believe in this. It's a desrespect.
All pll here knows that there is women playing l2, and also that there is a GM woman. Can they respect that? :) It's a simply thing to do! ;) 

I always respect everyone here. And I think that is this kind of pll that must have valued, otherwise, this server will lose pll.
Including, if this thing occure again, our leader said that all of us will leave the server.

Thanks for the attention.

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Re: Offensive chat

Unfortunately, I can't promise you that that sort of chat won't happen again, but I can promise future chats of the same magnitude will receive a chat ban. As always these ban times depend on the severity of the shout in question, or the frequency that the player has been banned before. When such shouts are seen, it is always best to not respond or feed into it, because it makes it nessecary to then punish both the offenders, even if it is for different amount of times.

Shouts recently have been on a steady decline.  I can assure everyone here that shouts like this will start receiving longer bans.

I see only one of the two offending shouts in this screen shot, but because I was online at the time I will dole out chat bans appropriately.


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Re: Offensive chat

When a victim can kill a thug, he not go to Jail. Because is legitime defense. Btw i only defended my girlfriend for an VERY abusive insult in shout. We have to understand that "One action generates one reaction", and the REACTION only exists because of the ACTION. I think that all GM's have to stay in the side of Justice. And this dont seems fair to me.


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Re: Offensive chat

It is impossible to gaurantee people like NoBrain will not be on a free server or even a paid one.  People are extremelly stupid these days.  I will pk him for you tho C4. :)