How to report stolen items

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How to report stolen items

I'll explain in this thread a bit of what we can and we can not do about stolen items in L2Vanir.

First of all, if you get stolen is your own fault for sharing your account with someone else, we as a staff perspective can't generate new items from nowhere and give them away. If you were stolen and you want to get your items back the only way is that the player who stole them returns them to the owner.

There're many rules that must to be followed, the first is to NOT insult or defame the person who stole the items since it was YOUR own fault and you accepted the chance of being stolen when you shared your account password. If you insult them you're most likely not going to see your items again.

The second thing you should do would be posting screenshots in this forum section and proving that those items were yours, also you should mention who had the items and which were every item and their specifications so we can search who stole them. As GMs we can only ask the player who stole it to return it in a good way.

As it's said before GMs aren't forced to take any responsability on this, since it's the player's fault and we already advise to not share your accounts.