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Since this post was DELETED because of no reason,
I would like to know from a GM/Ignis why this beheviour is being tolerated? No reply, nothing. Just a deleted post.

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Re: Hellabbys

Good luck.

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Re: Hellabbys

again the same things?really are you not even ashammed of posting this again?drama queens op...does it feel bad that you lost antharas?im have said lot of worse things...and now you qq?

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Re: Hellabbys

Hello Zilko,

Thank you for your report.  This matter will be reviewed by all of the staff together.  Please keep in mind that the first course of action for unwanted PMs is a /block command.  Should this player continue to PM you from other characters it could be considered harassment.  

Please keep this post clear of any rage, flame, or personal information or it will also be deleted.


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Re: Hellabbys
  • HellAbyss has been jailed for 6 hours for verbal harassment in game.

From now on we ask to the players to post character reports in the forums attached with a screenshot. Raging or insulting posts will be deleted and the player to be punished, forums are to debate things, not to harass each other.

For what I've seen some Clannabis and ChocolateFactory players are being pretty provocative on global these days, some players more than others, but when it gets worse and comes to verbal harassment such as a permanent provocation is considered breaking the rule. Loar, Zilko, DeathDealer, HellAbyss have been provocative lately on global and there has been some hate between the two clans, it should end now, players breaking the rules are subject to be punished.

While playing or using the forum of L2Vanir, you must respect every player. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, provoke, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players.

GM Sekai.

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