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I think war or no U cant kill in this spots.

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Re: DeathDealer

according to the rules,you cant pk,pvp with low gear that are there for the are full geared with pvp,your nobless for sure...and yet you claim he disregarded the rules just for pawning your face?you are at least funny clanabis clan...i would suggest to be a little stricter with your admissions criteria

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Re: DeathDealer

DeathDealer jailed for 6 hours.

EDIT: Upon review, this jail was unfair and will not be held against DeathDealer in the future.  He in no way prevented anyone from obtaining a quest item needed to complete the subclass quest, he did not grief a player and attempt to steal a raid or raid drops, he did not prevent a summoner from summoning a player who did need the quest item, and he waited until the drops from the raid were picked up before attacking.  This decision was based on reviews of previous posts and punishments made about these raids and these rules.


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