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Hi all,
On saturday 13th June 2015, when baium respawned we were fighting against a few players to enter Baium chamber. But few of them just broke the fair play rules like on the included pic while hitting Baium with a char level 85. Another thing is that server rules forbid insulting other players, and the other pic shows one of the players alt char abuse another player. I hope that GM's will punish not only the alt chars but also the main ones, cause boxes do not live on their own. 
lots of Love.


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Re: Baium

modecom is in our clan and he is 82 level. But dont know who uses this titan. His owner is not playing.

Best regards

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Re: Baium

I might be wrong but I heard someone in TrapRock had a reflected jewel on and got hit by Baium.  The person who got hit was over level 83.  The insulting is pretty mild.  You will have a hard time playing any Lineage 2 server if that bothers you.  I was outside the room getting killed over and over by DD.