New Zombie Event!

Hi there, we have worked a lot to bring you this new event, people got bored of Elpies and Rabbit events so we decided to develop a new Zombie Invasion event concerning Halloween which will take place from 29th October to 4th November at evening-nights when the sun fades out randomly between 6pm to 11pm.

In the event you will have to defeat all the Zombies who are attacking Hunter's Village, Rune Township, Town of Aden or Town of Goddard, each town invasion will get harder.

Update 17 sept, Delusion Chamber

Greetings in this update we have made some changes.

  • The Delusion Chamber instances now are avaliable and work as it should be.
  • Sel Mahum Training Grounds have been improved. Now Sel Mahum show their texts and animations properly.
  • The chat radius (shout and trade) is now world wide.

We are working hard to improve the server. Enjoy this changes!
Thank you.

Update 7 Sept, Seven Sign

In this update we have implemented all Seven Sign Quests and many other changes listed below.


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