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I have seen many people light all the candles in Zaken to spawn Zaken.  You only need to light up 2 candles per floor.  Here is a map to help.


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Re: Zaken

thx for the tip!! :D
never did it but is really that hard nigh time zaken lv 60 ???
you recommend do the easy way with day time lv60 even the rate just sucks? xD

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Re: Zaken

loar is referring mainly to lvl83 zaken, also applies to lvl60 easy daytime zaken, where candles need to be lit to identify which room zaken is in.  for lvl60 hard nightime zaken, all mobs are spawned in each room, you have to go round looking for zaken, no candles to light.

tip for lvl60 hard night zaken if you wanting to get earring drop, make sure you take high lvl healer with your 2-3 lvl68 dd chars.