Quest Four Goblets

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Quest Four Goblets

Well, We need some help here.

We, of ExpertChars, were making the quest "Four Goblets" and, at the end of these
we had a problem.
We read in a tutorial ( - it is in PT - that,
after finish one of those rooms we'll get one of those items. At the end, we will have 4 differents goblets.
But, today (03/07), when we were making the last room, it dropped the same item of another room.
Is it right?

I added a ScreenShot of the notification quest for you see.

Thank you for now. (:

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Re: Quest Four Goblets

Unfortunatly the quest has always been like this. There is 4 different versions of the " Shadow of Hallisha" raids boss, and at the end of the instance there is a random selection as to which one spawns. So you may infact recieve goblets you already have possessed before you collect all four.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Quest Four Goblets

Works fine ... i mean ive done it from the first try ( maybe i`m lucky maybe i`m not ) made all 4 different halls and got the 4 goblets