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New/Old player

hi i'm lorre

A 33 year old player from Belgium/europe
Played on teon for many years and was a clanleader there, we where with many and maybe i bring again 8-10 people here. but i would like to know what sides there here and how active the server is.I'm also a bit worried about the ban rulez.

could somebody give me a reply or more info? 
Thank you Lorre

Chandra Nalaar
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Re: New/Old player

I always say the online on this server is low, but at least it's stable. There are probably 3 sides at the moment, but some people play on their own, too. It's mostly and fun and meeting people. Well about bans You shouldn't worry about it if You're a reasonable person, I guess (never got punished yet and I'm very annoying I think:P)

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Re: New/Old player

You only get banned if you do stupid stuff.