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New Player

Hi guys, kisses from Italy! :D I'm downloading right now Freya Client so that I can begin playing on this server that looks actually pretty cool

I created this post to ask for some suggestions: I played on Freya only for a couple of months some years ago so I'm not very experienced about new areas and stuff, so I'd like to share with you what I was thinking about. Mostly of the time I used to play on Interlude so I'm very updated about it, and I've always been a supporter, that's why my question is: is it worth it to play a supporter on this server (BD/SWS/WC/OL suggestions on which one are appreciated too :P)? Will I be needed in party or it will be a loooong pain to lvl up alone till I get 85? :D

Well, going a bit OT... Maybe someone would like to have me in his/her clan and guide me, expecially when I will get higher with new quests I'm not used to?

Thank you! See you in game :D

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Re: New Player

Welcome to Vanir man,

support as a main class on this server is a rare sight. 

You would be greatly appreciated as any of the support main in our clan - "clannabis". Feel free to contact Blitzkrieg, Zilko, Toad, Britni or queenLucy in game. 

Now to your concerns, 
this server is x10 so you will not have major problem exping, but if you want to skip exping part, clannies are to help :) 

To clear out the picture about this server: Ppl have tons of boxes, nobody plays just one char, so you can have support as main and you can have alt char Titan, Warlord, Gladi, whatever you like for farming and/or killing bosses.

Will be glad to help you with quests/raids. 

pm me in Game - "queenLucy".

Again, welcome and have fun on the server!


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Re: New Player

Leveling up will be hard.  End game you will do great things for PvP.  I suggest making a warlord and a warcryer to start off.  Then make the support char.  It will be so much easier.