A new future for the server

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A new future for the server

To the owner of the server...
  I don’t really think you’ll get this message, but I’ll try. 
 As we all know, keeping a server up for so long without any activity results in a lot of money unnecessary wasted. L2 Vanir used to be a very nice server to play, and some people would really like to have a chance to enjoy it again but it’s not possible at this moment because nobody takes care on it anymore.
 That’s why I wonder if you (to whom it may concern) have considered selling the server, so new people will be able to work on it and try to get it back to the server it was some time ago.
 Just put a price and let’s see what happens.


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Re: A new future for the server

Ignis loggs in but doesn't reply to forums posts or PM so no ideea what he wants to do with server.I'm sure he sees it's not working properly